“Is there anything I can do for my neuropathy?”

This is a question we get asked almost every day at the Calgary Neuropathy Association.

We want you to know that the answer is “Yes!”

We want to help you learn to manage your neuropathy and chronic pain.

The Calgary Neuropathy Association is an educational support group and a place to connect with those living with neuropathy, neuropathic pain and their caregivers. We have resources available on our website for people from all around the world, not just Calgarians — all are welcome.

We provide opportunities to learn about the condition so you can take an active role in its management.

Meet us in person: come, talk, and ask questions. Be listened to.

Looking for a list of doctors that can treat nerve pain or the opportunity to participate in a research study? Click here to visit our resources page.

Visit our blog for the latest news on treatments for neuropathy and neuropathic pain and for information on our upcoming events.


Calgary Award Nomination


On March 21, 2018 at  CNA’s monthly meeting, we surprised Sylvia Donley, our President, by announcing she has been nominated for a 2017 Calgary Award.

Congratulations Sylvia, we are all so happy to have you in our lives and on our side.

See Syliva’s priceless reaction below:

Amazing Pain Facts that can Change your life –  Monday, May 7th

Dr. Lorimer Moseley, a world leader in pain, is providing a free 2-hour talk. You can also register and attend on-line.

Disability Pride – Sunday, June 3rd

Join members of CNA for the first ever Disability Pride parade in Calgary.


See  UPCOMING EVENTS section for details on both these events.