CNA Paint Nite fundraiser(SIX more tickets are now available!!!):

Thanks everyone for your support;^)

Paint Nite 2017 – Misty Mountains

Inviting all creative spirits! Explore your inner artist while raising money for the Calgary Neuropathy Association.

CNA is hosting a Paint Nite, where a local artist will assist and inspire us while we mix and mingle. Paint Nite will donate a portion of ticket sales to the Calgary Neuropathy Association. So let’s get together for a night of creativity and cocktails for a great cause.

Please RSVP and register now at

Thursday March 23, 2017 – 7:00 PM

Jack Astors, 9823 MacLeod Trail SW


Volunteer with us and help our Neuropathy community feel better and live better!

Volunteer banner with 3 other signs that say: I'd love to help, I'll be there and Sure I can

Volunteering makes you feel good!


Do it for yourself and help others at the same time.

“Is there anything I can do for my neuropathy?”

This is a question we are asked nearly every day at the Calgary Neuropathy Association.  We want you to know that YES, there is!

CNA wants to help you learn to manage your neuropathy and chronic pain.

When you live with chronic pain or have unanswered neuropathy concerns, one of the best things is to find a group of understanding people who relate to your condition; and, to find information on supports, treatments, or changes you can make to help you manage neuropathy and the symptoms.

The Calgary Neuropathy Association is an educational support group and a place to connect. We provide opportunities to learn about the condition and so you can take an active role in its management.

Meet us in person: Come, talk, and ask questions. Be listened to.

We strive to have informative guest speakers with varied interests related to awareness,

understanding, treatment, self-management, and research.  We provide the opportunity for you to meet others living with neuropathy; many of whom have learned to manage

and cope.

We understand Neuropathy also impacts our friends and family. We encourage them to attend as well.  Our support group is a place of friendly talk and comfort, as well as a place to receive information and education for everyone interested.

New: On-line membership includes videos of our guest speakers.

The Calgary Neuropathy Association is ready to take the next step, making our fabulous guest speaker presentations available to on-line members.  Join CNA On-line at no cost and enjoy the videos and other support information from last season.


Interested in participating in research studies?

Click Here for research studies

Upcoming Events: Workshops and Presentations around Calgary.

Events are provided for information only, if you wish to attend an event shown here contact the providing organisation directly.

Download the presentation:  Upcoming Events-2017-Mar 15


Looking for things to do around Calgary when its difficult to get around?

Provided for information only, if you wish to take part in an activity shown here contact the organisation directly.

Download the presentation:  things-to-do-around-calgary


Looking for Neuropathy Relief

CNA is on a mission to build a list of things to try for relief from neuropathy. We are looking for 100 things you can do to find relief from neuropathy and its pain.  Become a member and follow along as we build the 100 things to do for your neuropathy list.

Members are also encouraged to provide new ideas, we can’t do it alone!

 The web articles below are just the beginning!

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