About CNA

About CNA


The Calgary Neuropathy Association (CNA) became incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Alberta Societies Act on January 13, 2005 and obtained charitable registration status on April 19, 2005. The CNA is solely run by volunteers interested in providing awareness, understanding, treatment information, and research updates.

The Calgary Neuropathy Association is a very important endeavour by patients suffering from any form of neuropathic pain, such as; Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetic Neuropathy who come together to discuss problems and issues associated with neuropathy. Through these efforts, community support can be garnered. The group serves as a channel for continued efforts to help patients with neuropathy conditions, funnel research questions, and raise public awareness.

As a neurologist having had the privilege of meeting with a number of patients who suffer with Peripheral Neuropathy, like Val Shaw-Lewis, Founder of the group, I look forward to the efforts of the support group.  It is an extremely important beginning in the fight.

Dr. Douglas Zochodne, M.D. FRCPC Neurologist

Neuropathic symptoms


To ensure through Education, Interactive Discussion and Peer Support that people living with Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain have a place where they can come and talk, ask questions, and be listened to. We recognize the impact neuropathy has on our family and friends. We encourage their presence as well.


  • Facilitate education and peer support for individuals and their families who suffer and/or are impacted by neuropathic pain
  • Provide qualified guest speakers who present on issues related to neuropathy
  • Raise awareness about neuropathy and the issues of living with neuropathic pain among the health care community and the public
  • Gather and inform members on community resources available
  • Participate in national and international awareness and information exchange with other organizations and support groups

    CNA Objectives

    Calgary Neuropathy Association Objectives


In 2010 we became an organization whose board works collaboratively with its members to determine the member’s needs. Each person’s involvement, great or small, is not only appreciated, but is necessary for the organization to exist and flourish.

Thank you to our members for taking ownership and being committed.