Note: All CNA Monthly meetings and other events are cancelled until September due to COVID-19.

Annual members are welcome to join bi-weekly on-line support meetings. Please contact: Info@CalgaryNeuropathy for information

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“Is there anything I can do for my neuropathy?”

This is a question we get asked almost every day at the Calgary Neuropathy Association.

We want you to know that the answer is “Yes!”

We want to help you learn to manage your neuropathy and chronic pain.

The Calgary Neuropathy Association is an educational support group and a place to connect with those living with neuropathy, neuropathic pain and their caregivers. We have resources available on our website for people from all around the world, not just Calgarians — all are welcome.

We provide opportunities to learn about the condition so you can take an active role in its management.

Meet us in person: come, talk, and ask questions. Be listened to.

Looking for a list of doctors that can treat nerve pain or the opportunity to participate in a research study? Click here to visit our resources page.

Visit our blog for the latest news on treatments for neuropathy and neuropathic pain and for information on our upcoming events.


100 Things for Neuropathy Relief

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Neuropathy Articles

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Don’t want to risk the Bottle Depot?

Like many of us, you may have bottles and can piling up but you don’t want to go to the bottle depot. Perhaps you never really did! Now, the CNA partnered with Skip-the-Depot and we need your bottles!

Use this link to download the Skip-the-Depot app and donate the proceeds to the CNA supporting our efforts in neuropathy awareness and education.

Skip-the depot will pick them up for you.

Be sure to select Calgary Neuropathy Association as your designated charity.

Summer Student Opportunity

Do you know a college or university level student looking for summer work? Must be Local to Calgary.

The CNA has applied for a summer student grant for a full-time, 8-week student term for a business/medical administration, disability studies, or nursing. It is our preference to find a student with a disability, but not mandatory. Please note, in the role, the student will be performing primarily administrative support from their own home and must be set up to do so. Unfortunately, we do not know if we have been awarded a grant but in the event that we do, we would like to have a list of interested students to contact. If you are interested in this role, or are aware of a student who may be interested, please contact the CNA at:

Hand just finishing writing the word Survey on glass

The CNA wants to hear from you.  Click on the SURVEY picture above to tell us about your Neuropathy, what you do to self-manage your symptoms and how the CNA has helped you.  Results from the surveys will be displayed for you to use as another resource in developing your own self management.