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2 Docs share on Chinese Medicine & Neuropathy

Traditional Chinese Medicine has some neuropathy Kung Fu moves

Spice up your neural networks with Dr. Heather Fulker and Dr. Jenn Nelson, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors and Acupuncturists, as they dive into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and neuropathies! In this scenario, TCM is the superhero and neuropathies are the villains trying to mess with your nerves. But fear not: TCM has some ancient kung fu moves and herbal wizardry up its sleeve to kick those neuropathies to the curb! They’ll explore how TCM brings balance to the force and maybe even convinces your nerves to do the cha-cha instead of the electric slide. So, buckle up for a fun journey through the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern nerve wrangling!

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About Dr. Heather Fulker:

Dr. Heather is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (TCMD) and Acupuncturist and stands at the forefront of holistic healthcare, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Born with a passion for healing, Dr. Heather’s mission is to ensure that the powerful benefits of traditional Chinese medicine are within reach for every client, enabling them to personally experience the transformative healing potential it holds.

Photo of a woman on the floor inserting an acupuncture needle into someone's leg. Gym equipment is in the background

In 2018, she graduated from the Canadian Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine. This marked the beginning of a transformative career dedicated to improving the lives of countless individuals.

Dr. Heather’s mission has found its focal point in the realm of neuro rehabilitation.  Dr. Heather has not only treated individuals with neurological conditions but also actively contributed to local research initiatives focused on the application of acupuncture in stroke rehabilitation. These research contributions have illuminated new paths toward recovery and healing for stroke clients not only in Alberta but across Canada. While placing neuro rehabilitation at the forefront of her practice, Dr. Heather also runs a general practice and relishes at the opportunity to impart the age-old wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to empower individuals of all backgrounds with the natural healing secrets it offers. Dr. Heather can be found at: https://intrinsi.ca/  and https://www.synaptichealth.ca/ .

About Dr. Jennifer Nelson:

Dr. Jennifer started her career as a Physical Therapist Assistant and worked both clinically and in the hospital as a Physical Therapist Assistant.   While doing physical therapy she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and decided to go back to school to learn about Chinese Medicine. 

Woman placing an acupuncture needle in another woman's shoulder. Background shows a clinical setting.

  She graduated from the Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2005 and began a private practice initially treating sports injuries – working with the Canadian Olympic teams as well as professional and amateur athletes.  She also mentored under a 27th Generation Chinese Medicine Doctor and worked in his herbal medicine shop for many years where she learned a wealth of knowledge.

During this time Jennifer discovered all the hormone imbalances that athletes have.  She focused on women’s health and took a variety of fertility, obstetric and hormone balancing courses to assist her patients more effectively.   About 10 years ago Jennifer started treating brain and spinal cord injuries, becoming very interested in Neurological Acupuncture.   She continued taking many specific types of Neurology courses in Acupuncture and learning from mentors both in China and Israel.    For the last 10 years of her practice, Jennifer has been heavily involved with spinal cord injuries, concussion, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and strokes or any type of neuropathy related diseases. Dr. Jenn can be found at: https://powerhealthchinook.ca/ 

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