#20 Managing Fatigue Caused By Neuropathy

Dealing with neuropathy can be exhausting. As if there wasn’t enough to deal with in one day already between work, school, family or household obligations, neuropathy adds a complicating layer of difficulty for those with the condition. Unfortunately, chronic fatigue can also make neuropathy worse.

Here are four tips for managing fatigue:

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes

These might seem like tempting ways to cope, but all three have been found to make exhaustion worse. Caffeine might feel good in the morning, but it’s a temporary solution. Instead, stick to drinking water, and if you smoke, try to quit.

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Establish a regular sleep routine

Going to bed at the same time every night and waking at around the same time every morning can help you face the day. When going to bed, try to wind down about an hour before bedtime, and limit exposure to blue lights (yes, that means your laptop or phone screen) in the bedroom. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try wearing an eye mask or using a white noise machine. Free white noise applications for your phone like Relaxio can help you drift off to a peaceful slumber.

Get some exercise

If you can, try to stretch and get a bit of exercise every day. It’ll help your muscles feel better and even a short, brisk walk can help you fall asleep easier at night.

Work on your mental health

Depression and anxiety are common for those suffering from neuropathy, and both are common causes of persistent fatigue. If you suspect that you might be having problems with your mental health, speak to a professional. There are a variety of treatments available including counselling, cognitive therapy and medication.

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