Web Content Summer Student Writer

The Calgary Neuropathy Association is a Calgary based not-for-profit providing education and support to people suffering with chronic pain due to nerve damage or disease, called neuropathy. Often, those impacted by neuropathy are seniors, however the condition can be present in people of any age. We have resources available on our website for all Canadians and do have members from across the country.


The student will be expected to write web content for the CNA website as their primary role. The student will write 15-20, 1000 word, blog posts which will use approximately 50% of their time (20 hours per week). This will include researching and analyzing self-management techniques for neuropathy, writing about the specified topic, including stories or personal accounts when possible, and making/discussing any recommended changes with a peer student before submitting. The students will write additional posts if time permits.

For each blog post the students are required to use the CNA blog writing guidelines. They are to use an iterative feedback process as follows:

  • Develop an outline; submit to supervisor for feedback.
  • Write the draft blog post.
  • Submit to the other student for peer review and feedback.
  • Update based on peer review.
  • Submit to supervisor for review and feedback.
  • Update based on review.

The student is to be given a small project to spearhead and will choose one of the following projects:

1. Create an online resource that provides a descriptive list of underlying causes of neuropathy. Each cause listed is to provide a description of the cause, how it contributes to neuropathy, and if there are self-management tips that are specifically helpful with the associating cause.

2. Create an online resource that provides a descriptive list of different ways that an individual can advocate for themselves in the health care system and in everyday life. Each item in the list is to discuss how it is done, why it is important, and what risks are involved.

3. The student will create an online resource that empathizes with those who suffer from neurological and/or chronic pain, provides a descriptive list of ways that one can help their mental health, and contains a collection of inspirational content (which cannot be determined at this time as it will be based off the information that the student collects), as well as a list of professional resources at the end.

4. The student is welcome to pitch an idea to the president if they wish to do something different. The idea must be related to CNA and their job description/area of study. If the president agrees, then the student may present the proposal to a subset of board members to obtain approval.

Should a student is excel in their work and wish to learn a cursory level of design, they can work with a mentor to create illustrations for their blogs, or for other topics that CNA can use for other projects as needed. Time and work permitting, they can also support the president and secretary in a project to update the existing CNA operations manual.


  1. Strong  written and verbal communications skills.
  2. 2nd or 3rd year Communications or Nursing Student preferred
  3. Solid internet research skills including know what makes a credible resource.
  4. Knowledge of WordPress and Canva is preferred but is not mandatory.
  5. This is a remote position requiring the student have access to a computer and reliable internet services.
  6. Preference may be given to students with a disability.

Please note: Currently, this role is for 8 weeks May 10, 2021 to July 2, 2021 at 35 hours per week. Rate of pay is $16.00/hr.

For more information please contact: Linda@CalgaryNeuropathy.com

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