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#32 Physiokey and Sanakey for Neuropathic Pain

What is a Physiokey?

The Physiokey, developed in Germany, is a non-addictive, non-invasive device used by therapists that delivers electrical impulses via electrodes directly onto the skin. A relative new-comer in the field of pain control, it interprets the skin’s electrical resistance using biofeedback – constantly adjusting the impulses to stimulate the brain to release the body’s own natural pain killers. The treatment is painless, felt only as a tingling sensation on the skin.

graphic of a head and biofeedback reading on a screen with arrows forming a circle over them both
Physiokey uses biofeedback. 
Image Source: www.fisioterapia-online.com

The Sanakey

Personalized pain-relief at your fingertips could now be within reach to ease your suffering due to neuropathic pain.  The Sanakey is a handheld device (not much bigger than a computer mouse) that uses the same controlled electrical impulses as the Physiokey to activate the body’s natural pain relieving mechanisms – but it is available to purchase for home use.

The Sanakey has been shown to be effective for both acute and chronic pain and to last longer than many other pain control methods. Pain relief occurs quickly for recent injuries; chronic pain may require daily sessions initially, but offers long-lasting results.

Is it like a TENS?

You may be familiar with TENS, (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). TENS is a passive, non-specific treatment lacking biofeedback, or the interpretation of a returning signal from the body. Although relief may occur during initial treatment when the TENS electrodes are placed on or around the painful area, the pain can return once the electrodes are removed. The electrical stimulation is continuous and unchanging, allowing the body to adapt and eventually ignore the signal.  The result? Pain returns.

The Sanakey uses dynamic therapy: the handheld device is moved over the skin and uses biofeedback to detect changes in the skin and adjust the electrical impulses, preventing the development of a tolerance. No two signals are the same. In addition to jump starting the body’s release of natural painkillers called endorphins, the Sanakey is able to stimulate the release of neuropeptides, which play a role in the modulation and perception of all types of pain – all in a short session of between 5 and 20 minutes.

The Sanakey comes with an easy to use touchscreen, charging cable, user manual, and access to a patient-care helpline and online videos. Aside from redness in the skin after initial treatment, which will disappear, the Sanakey is designed to relieve pain without relying on medication.  As with any treatment, consult with your physician before altering any of your current medication.

For more information on the Sanakey and Physiokey, click on the following links:

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http://physiokey.au     www.keyhealthtechnology.com

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