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#56 VoxxLife Wearable Neurotech – Wow!

VOXXLIFE HPT:  Groundbreaking Integrative Neuro-technology.
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Peripheral neuropathy is actual damage to the nerves, and most commonly experienced in the person’s legs and feet.  Symptoms are often described as painful, burning, numbness, tingling, or electric shock.  It can affect balance, stability, cause cramping, weakness, poor coordination and cause restless leg syndrome.

Typically people rely on pain-killers, anti-epileptic and anti- depressant drugs, supplements, insoles or custom orthotics.  The accumulative side effects can be potentially devastating, inconsistent, and expensive. 

Welcome Voxx Life HPT, Human Potential Technology. 

A very specific sequence and pattern of neuro-receptor activation on the bottom of the feet triggers a signal that aids in the brainstem reaching homeostasis.  These proprietary patterns of neuro-receptor activation points are woven or molded into different products including socks, insoles and patches.  HPT is safe, natural, and affordable.

Clinical Study

A clinical study looked at 1000 people living with Painful Diabetic Neuropathy (PDN). Four inclusion criteria consisted of:

  1. A confirmed diagnosis of diabetes exceeding 10 years.
  2. History of PDN Pain Score of 4 or higher for longer than a period of time exceeding 90 days.
  3. No foot condition that would limit the ability to wear the socks
  4. Regularly wore regular diabetes approved socks. 

Participants were asked to wear their Voxx HPT socks for 1 week.  Analysis showed a significantly lower pain score wearing the Voxx socks compared to the pain score wearing regular diabetes socks.  The initial findings are promising as over 95% of the subjects saw a significant reduction in pain after 1 week of wear. 

There are ongoing studies with Voxx Life HPT including studies for post knee replacement, chemotherapy, autism, and further studies into sports performance.  

Voxx HPT has benefits for everyone:

  • Pain Relief: proven to be 94% effective in helping reduce foot pain, especially on Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Physical Mobility & Quality of Life:  Increases stability, balance and range of motion.  This can lead to a more active lifestyle, and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Increased Energy:  In independent studies, 100%of individuals using VOXX HPT products reported an increase in their energy levels.
  • Exercise Performance:  Users of Voxx HPT products notice improvements in reps, muscle endurance, and stamina.
  • Endurance & Recovery:  With Voxx HPT you can encourage yourself further and have the confidence that you will recover faster and more consistently.
  • Build muscle:  Significant improvements in power generation and endurance allows for increased repetitions and workloads which are required for muscle growth. 

CNA Experiences*

Beyond the research, science, and clinical studies are the testimonies of people within CNA. 

  • “I can feel my toes”
  • “I can walk in sock feet, not always having to wear shoes indoor”
  • “I was struggling with restless legs last night…after about an hour I’d had enough and put them on.  It stopped right away.  I waited for it to start again and it didn’t!  Amazing!”
  • “I’m dancing again and I can do spins”
  • “I’m calmer”
  • “When my 2 year old son is overtired, acting out and difficult to get to bed…I put on the ‘magic’ socks and he settles right down”.

VoxxLife does not guarantee their product will help everyone, but thier research and above comments (and the stories behind them) from our own members has provided the CNA enough positive results that we believe this neurotech has potential to provide relief for anyone with Neuropathy.

CNA together with VoxxLife

Based on the above positive results, the Calgary Neuropathy Association is pleased to announce we have established an association with VoxxLife in order to bring this neurotech to neuropathy sufferers. All profits from VoxxLife sales at the following site will be donated to the Calgary Neuropathy Association:


Note: *The Calgary Neuropathy Association does not endorse any product, we only wish to present the experiences of our members.

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