A neurologist speaking at a CNA monthly meeting said, “Neuropathy is the poster child for Medical Cannabis.” The CNA supports the use of Cannabis for medical purposes, we believe it can save people’s lives, give them a level of normalcy back, and in some cases help them lower doses or eliminate of prescription medications. This should only be done under a doctor’s supervision of course! There is a problem with it though, there are so many strains, so may ways to take, and every person is different. There is said to be 10% of people for whom it doesn’t work at all, and another 10% who are at risk of becoming addicted. So, if you are considering trying it the best things to do are educate your self, find a Cannabis clinic with experience and good Cannabis educators.

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Medical Cannabis

There are a growing number of people using medical cannabis for a variety health issues.  In fact, neuropathy sufferers are considered one of the patient groups who seem to find it find it most beneficial as it is very helpful in relieving neuropathic pain.  There are even cases where patients have titrated down their prescription medications, including opioids, to use significantly lower doses. Note: This should only be done under a doctors’ care... read more

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Medical Cannabis and Neuropathic Pain with Harvest Medicine Part 1 with Dr. Olga DeSanctis specializing in Medical Cannabis, MD and Faraz Sachedinam Cannabis Educator

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