What is arnica?
Arnica is an herb that grows primarily in Siberia, central Europe and temperate climates in North America. The flowers of the plants are harvested and then used for medicinal purposes.

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What does arnica do?

Arnica works to enhance benefits of the circulatory system furthermore boosting muscular recovery.

How can arnica help my neuropathy?

Arnica works with the body’s healing mechanisms to stimulate circulation to areas affected. In short, the product increases blood flow and oxygenation to tissues which in turn removes waste products that can pool in many parts of the body. Arnica’s properties disperse fluids from bruised tissues and stimulates white blood cell activity which is responsible for fighting inflammation and enhancing nerve healing. Treatment is also very beneficial for easing stiff joints and muscles, allowing you to move more freely. Arnica can also help with burning and tingling sensations common to neuropathy.

It appears the best results are obtained when the Arnica cream is actively massaged in whilst being applied. This helps to promote circulation.

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Where can I get arnica?
Arnica can generally be purchased from any health store or pharmacy section in most stores. It can be purchased in oils, creams, and ointments which will commonly contain up to 15 per cent arnica.

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#18 Arnica — A Natural Solution To Neuropathy Symptoms

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