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Kathie Macduff – Art as Therapy

“Art as Therapy” refers to the idea that engaging in artistic activities can be a therapeutic and enriching experience for individuals, regardless of their artistic skill level. It emphasizes the inherent therapeutic value of the creative process itself.

The focus is on the individual’s personal exploration, self-expression, and emotional release through art. It is a more open and subjective approach, where the emphasis is on the personal meaning and experience derived from the creative act.

Kathie Macduff applies Art as Therapy integrated into educational and recreational activities.

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Art as Therapy
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About Kathie Macduff

Kathie Macduff, artist and teacher, talks about the benefits of art for people suffering from chronic pain and a recent pain management study she work on as the art instructor.

Born & Raised in Montreal into a family of artists, Kathie is trained in journalism, graphic designer and a self- taught artist. She teaches courses in watercolor, mixed media, paper arts and creative journaling. She conducts weekly classes at the Good Shepard Art Studio is the Expressive Arts Team Lead at Wellspring, is a regular at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and teaches at retreats and conferences.

The Good Shepard Art Studio: https://www.anglicangoodshepherd.ca/ministries/art-studio

Wellspring Calgary is a warm and welcoming community that provides a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them can improve the quality of their lives. https://wellspringcalgary.ca/

The Tom Baker Cancer Centre: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/hf/page16413.aspx

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