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Art Therapy for Healing

Art Therapy for Healing with Heidi Pedersen

Art therapy gives voice to the parts of us that are most in need of healing.

Heidi Pedersen, Registered Canadian Art Therapist, DKATI, BA Psych, CCPA, CATA explores how chronic pain, anxiety, and loss can be addressed through art therapy techniques with the support of a professional art therapist. How art therapy works, the risks, and the benefits will be explored in this presentation.

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Art Therapy- Photo of Heidi Pedersen.
Heidi Pedersen

Heidi Pedersen is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist based in Calgary, Alberta. She has extensive experience working with disabilities and delays, domestic violence, women’s anger and empowerment, neurodivergence, and mental health. Heidi is passionate about using art and creative techniques to support healing, reduce anxiety, and promote overall well-being.

Find Heidi at Https://CourageousArtTherapy.com

Learn more about Art Therapy in Canada at: Https://www.canadianarttherapy.org/

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