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Athletic Shoes for Neuropathy

These Athletic Shoes May Work If You Suffer From Neuropathy

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Phoebe Ann Charles

Did you know around 7.63 million Canadians suffer from some form of chronic pain?

Neuropathy is one of the most prevalent conditions that affects the peripheral nervous system. It can affect our ability to do what many others classify as the simplest of tasks, even walking to the store or navigating our way around our own homes can trigger pain. People with neuropathy often have a different structure or a loss of sensation in their feet. Since the shape and strength of the feet change, pressure points can develop, which we’ve covered previously. It’s vital to don only proper footwear to help make those things that others may think of mundane, possible.

Some of the best shoes for Neuropathy sufferers are athletic shoes. But, not all athletic shoes are made equal and no two people’s feet are the same. However, we’re going to look at some of the best choices and why they should be something you can consider if you’re in the market for some new footwear.

Initial Considerations

There are some helpful things to look out for when considering picking up your shoes. First of all, we may upset the ladies here, but a high heel isn’t a good choice. The reason for this: they can put added pressure on the toes, and balls of the feet leading to additional issues. Also, for people suffering from neuropathy, it can add to the risk of falling.

A wide toe box is very important for multiple reasons, firstly because compressing the toes together adds pressure to the nerves under the skin. Your toes spread wider apart is more natural and aids balance. This means there’s less chance of a fall and allows for easier recovery in a stumble. A wide toe box – allows more airflow around the foot, which may help prevent foot fungus, common with neuropathy. If possible, choose a shoe that is available in multiple widths to ensure a good fit. Also choose one with a removable insole in case orthotics are ever needed. Finally, a no-skid sole will also aid with stability and limit the chances of loss of balance and potential injury.

Orthofeet Edgewater Stretch Knit

These shoes made for men come with stretchable uppers and a wide toe-box in various sizes, including extra-wide options. The triple-layered insole has deep foam cushioning and an antimicrobial fabric lining, and there’s also the ability to insert an arch booster for extra comfort, stability, and support. Orthofeet is so confident they’ll be the shoes for you that they even ship with a 60-day wear test guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied you can return them during that timeframe for a complete refund at no cost.

New Balance 990v6

This brand from Boston, Massachusetts has developed an athletic shoe certainly worth looking at in terms of fit and function. Like most running shoes, the insole can be replaced; ideal for someone who needs orthotics accommodated. Fortunately, the New Balance 990v6 can be ordered in multiple widths. This provides plenty of room for movement in the toes, giving a better feel as you place your foot on the ground. They are well manufactured, and stylish looking too, you really can’t go wrong.

Apex Balance Shoe Hiker

The Apex Balance Shoe Hiker is akin to something you’d see someone wearing when taking on the TransCanada Trail, but they are practical for everyday use too. They are specially designed to reduce the risk of falling featuring a low-profile heel to aid stability. The soles are lugged too. This lowers the risk of slipping because of the deep indentations meant for stability and traction. What’s more, the manufacturer recommends  them specifically for people with Neuropathy, as the footbed is textured to provide sensory feedback and aid balance and stability.

Alegria TRAQ Qwik Smart Walking Shoes

These technologically advanced options can help you sync your steps with the inbuilt ‘Q-chip’ technology; by pairing them with the TRAQ by Allegria step counter app on your phone, you can record your activity throughout the day. The TRAQ Quick Smart Walking Shoes also have no-skid polyurethane soles and have been tested not to pinch or chafe. These shoes come in different patterns and a wide range of colors. They are one of only a few shoes to have the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

There you have it. Five picks for the best athletic shoes. No matter which shoes you choose, the best place to start is to head to your favorite shoe store to have your feet properly measured. By being the correct size, your new shoes will not only look good but will go a long way to help prevent injuries and additional foot pain, allowing you to concentrate on your day.

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