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Athletic Therapy: Improving Balance & Reducing Pain

Athletic Therapy

Cassandra Askew and Jamie Bessant of Physical Solutions joins the CNA to talk about Athletic therapy. Athletic Therapy is a specialized branch of healthcare focused on the prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Athletic therapists are trained professionals who work with individuals of all ages and levels of physical activity, from recreational athletes to professional sports teams, to help them recover from injuries, improve performance, and maintain overall physical health.

Cassandra Askew talks about the importance of movement to ensure you can live your best life injury free and keep active—whether you’re 12 or 92!

Athletic Therapy and Neuropathy

While Athletic Therapy primarily focuses on musculoskeletal injuries, athletic therapists can play a role in helping individuals with neuropathy through various means.

Athletic therapists are experts in prescribing exercise programs tailored to individual needs and capabilities. For individuals with neuropathy, targeted exercises can help improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility, which are essential for managing symptoms and preventing falls or injuries.

Athletic therapists can design rehabilitation programs aimed at improving functional abilities and daily activities affected by neuropathy. These programs may include gait training, proprioceptive exercises, and functional movements to enhance mobility and reduce disability.

Athletic therapists may utilize various modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat therapy, or cold therapy to help manage pain and improve circulation in individuals with neuropathy. These modalities can complement exercise therapy and promote tissue healing and nerve function.

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