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Pain Management
#70 Pressure Points

What are Pressure Points? According to the Cambridge dictionary, a pressure point is “a place on the body where an artery is close to the surface of the skin, where

Pain Management
Dr. James-Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. James-Naturopathic Medicine and a different approach to neuropathy Dr. James Truong explores different methods and thought patterns that could potentially help with the treatment of neuropathy via naturopathic means.

Maintaining Function
OT – Boosting Engagement in Self-Care

Occupational Therapy Gillian Bagg BHSCOT, HBPE owner & operator of Gillian Bagg Occupational Therapy Services explores: Gillian Bagg can be contacted for questions at gillianbagg@shaw.ca Topic Timing Presentation Slides Resources

Mental Health
Tapping and its Benefits

Sylvia Donley, CNA Past President, provides an overview of Tapping, also called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.  People use tapping as an alternative method for treating negative emotion and physical

info graphic describing the harvest medical journey: 1. Consider if medical cannabis is right for you 2. Book appointment 3. Meet with a healthcare professional 4. Meet Patient educator and select producer 5. Register with and order medical cannabis from producer
Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis with Harvest Medicine

Watch Dr. Olga DeSanctis, MD and Faraz Sachedina in exploring the fundamentals of medical cannabis such as plant types, cannabinoids, products, and intake methods. Learn more about how and why

Mental Health
Sound Therapy

Joanne Neweduk provides an experiential session on how sound (and sound therapy) impacts our lives and our health. Feel your body and mind relax as you experience the soothing sounds

Graphic: saying Mind Body Spirit
Maintaining Function
Benefits of Yoga Practice

Information provided by Margau Perko, CNA guest speaker in February 2019

two cartoon bubbles. One says Inhale, the other Exhale
Pain Management
Better Breathing

Information provided by Margau Perko, Yoga Instructor & CNA guest speaker in February 2019

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