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Articles by Calgary Neuropathy Association

Tracy Rand Fitness instructor for seniors and those with disability.
Joanne Neweduk offers a transformative experiential session centered around the profound impact of sound therapy on our well-being
Genevieve Chartrand of CADTH provides information on Credibilithow to know the websites you are visiting are credible. She also highlights red flags to watch &
Benefits of yoga, Information provided by Margau Perko, CNA guest speaker in February 2019
Breathing, seemingly simple, yet often underutilized. Many of us primarily engage only the top one-third of our lungs during respiration.
When living with peripheral neuropathy, advanced foot care becomes crucial. Calgary Neuropathy Association Chulani Aluthge Dona enforces just how important daily foot care is for
Explore the essentials of Aging in Place with Jill Chambers, CFDS, CFP, CIM, CEA, as she guides seniors through maintaining health and independence at home.
Explore part 3 of Aging in place, My safety & supports with Jill Chambers. she guides seniors through maintaining health and independence at home
In Part 5 of this 5 video set Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, answers questions from the audience.

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