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Neuropathy & Diet
Michal Ofer – Functional Nutritionist

Michal is a functional nutritionist and consultant working with groups and individuals looking to improve their general well-being, with a special emphasis on naturally and holistically healing the metabolic, systemic and

Pain Management
7 Self-Care Methods to Manage Chronic Pain

7 Self-Care Methods to Manage Chronic Pain By guest blogger: Brad Krause of selfcaring.info Research continues to illuminate how the immune system changes in response to chronic pain. Hopefully, this

Self Advocacy
Ron Wilson – Traveling with Mobility Issues

Traveling with Mobility Issues Ron Wilson from the AMA shares information on traveling when you have mobility issues. About Ron Wilson Ron Wilson is the Manager of Fleet Safety Services

Self Advocacy
Ron Wilson – Driving with Mobility Issues

Driving with Mobility Issues Ron Wilson is the Manager of Fleet Safety Services  for the Alberta Motor Association. The AMA has worked with over 1,400 companies in Alberta, providing professional

Neuropathy Book Reviews
Small Nerves, Big Problems

Small Nerves, Big Problems: A Comprehensive Patient Guide to Small Fiber Neuropathy(SFN), is an excellent guide to the current understanding of small fiber neuropathy, that acknowledges that further research is required. Each chapter provides a clear and concise

Pain Management
Dr. Gary Klein – Part 2 QandA

Neurophysiology: Dr. Klein spoke to the Calgary Neuropathy Association on research into neuropathy and the medications that are used to treat the symptoms. Dr. Klein’s Power Point Peripheral neuropathy 2018

Neuropathy Articles
Russell and Linda – Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

Russell, his mother Linda, and his grandfather Eric have all been diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease in the past two years.  Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Disease, also known as

Neuropathy Articles
Margo – Ischemic Total Peripheral Neuropathy

Margo developed neuropathy when, during surgery, she lost too much blood and her nerves were permanently damaged. Listen to this inspiring woman as she talks about her road to recovery,

Maintaining Function
Improving Function with Dr. James Haxton – Part 2

Watch Part 2:   About Dr. James Haxton  Dr. James Haxton graduated Cum Laude from Life West Chiropractic College and is a diplomate with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Using

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