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In Part 4 of this 5 video set Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses her the other TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques
Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. In part 3 of 5 we will explore Herbology and Dietary Therapy
In Part 2 of this 5 video set Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses the the specifics of acupuncture.
Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, introduces you to Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM
Art as Therapy" is the idea that artistic activities can be a therapeutic and enriching experience for individuals, regardless of their artistic skill level.
Michal Ofer, a functional nutritionist and consultant, is dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of both groups and individuals.

7 Self-Care Methods to Manage Chronic Pain By guest blogger: Brad Krause of selfcaring.info Research continues to illuminate how the immune system changes in response

Ron Wilson from the AMA shares information on traveling when you have mobility issues.

Driving with Mobility Issues Ron Wilson is the Manager of Fleet Safety Services for the Alberta Motor Association. The AMA has worked with over 1,400

Discover the impact of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease on three generations. Their neuropathy symptoms and their journey with this genetic condition.

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