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Maintaining Function
Let’s Get Physical with Dr. Victoria McArthur

Dr. Victoria McArthur (Dr. Vic) has a passion for exercise. Dr. Vic works with many seniors with the GLA:D program for knee and hip arthritis and chronic pain.

Self Advocacy
Language of Nerve Pain

It can be hard for some of us to sit and really think at length about our pain, most of the time we are doing everything we can to avoid thinking about it.  Still, it is a way you can advocate for yourself with your medical team and others by providing that fuller, detailed description about your pain.

Neuropathy & Diet
Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush has been one of our favorite books about how food, specifically sugar, impact the nerves.
Even if the root cause of your peripheral neuropathy is not sugar based, there are valuable lessons in this book to prevent sugar from compounding the condition.

Pain Management
What is a Physiatrist with Dr. S. Plamondon

In this video, Dr. Plamondon describes the medical specialty of Physiatry, a physiatrist’s role in the care of persons with neuropathy, and when a referral to one should be considered. 

Help with Sleep
Sleep Tips

Image Source: CNA Sleep tips are one of the most common things we are asked for and it’s no wonder why. Sleep is one of the most important things we

Mental Health
3 secrets of resilience

The three secrets of resilient people – a talk by Dr. Lucy HoneImage Source: Karim MANJRA on unsplash   Right now, in this time of isolation, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn and

Pain Management
Topical Compounds

Steve Mamchur, owner and pharmacist at Kenron Pharmacy, a local Calgary compounding pharmacy, provided a very informative talk on topical compounds. Some notes from the talk are provided below. Topical Compound

Neuropathy Book Reviews
Foods That Fight Pain

Review by Linda Petiot, Calgary Neuropathy Association Foods That Fight Pain, Revolutionary New Strategies for Maximum Pain Relief is written by Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. His goal for the book

Neuropathy Book Reviews
Evolve Your Brain

Reviewed by: Linda Petiot, Calgary Neuropathy Association This book was a hard read, but well worth pushing through. In it the author goes into depth about how the brain works

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