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Maintaining Function
#69 Check your Circulation

Circulation Introduction Check your circulation, it’s important! In medicine, circulation refers to the movement of fluid through the body. The circulatory system (which is made up of the heart and

Pain Management
#68 Ketamine

What is Ketamine? Ketamine is a drug that started as an anesthetic used on battlefields and in operating rooms2. In recent years, ketamine has evolved from being used as an

Maintaining Function
#66 Weights

Lifting Weights and Neuropathy Why is lifting weights important? Neuropathy means your nerves are unable to adequately receive and send messages to different parts of your body, which can lead

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Neuropathy Causes
#6 Quit Smoking – Tobacco and Neuropathy

A Healing Lifestyle – Tobacco and Neuropathy Those struggling with neuropathy know all too well the familiarity of daily medications, a busy schedule of visits to the doctor, physiotherapist, or

Concept of tasty and delicious alcohol drink, wine
Neuropathy & Diet
#4 Cut Down Alcohol

Alcohol and Your Health Wine, cocktails, or an ice-cold beer. Whatever your preference, alcohol can be a staple for social events or simply a way to wind down for the

Coffee beans lined up to make a heart beat monitor line with a black cup of coffee near the beginning of line
Neuropathy & Diet
#3 Cut Down Caffeine

Caffeine and Neuropathy Many of us like to start our day with a caffeinated beverage. Beverages like coffee, energy drinks, and black and green teas are among the most common

A salt shaker tipped on its side with a pile of salt spilled in front. A row of identical salt shakers lined up in the background.
Neuropathy & Diet
#2 Cut Down Salt

Salt and Your Health Salt (also known as sodium) is a necessary part of how our nerves operate. It should be noted that there is a difference between salt and

sugar cube on table
Neuropathy & Diet
#1 Cut Down Sugar

Sugar and Neuropathy Sugar is a delicious addition to many of the foods we eat daily, but it is not a necessary nutrient. It can give you energy, make you

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