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Articles by Natalie

Salt is a necessary part of how our nerves operate. Balancing sodium intake helps manage neuropathy symptoms.
Check your circulation In the realm of medicine, circulation refers to the movement of fluids—specifically blood—through the body.
Ketamine has undergone a transformation in recent years. Beyond its anesthetic properties, ketamine is now explored as a potential treatment.
Lifting weights is a powerful practice that goes beyond building muscle. It plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health, especially when it comes to
If you have peripheral neuropathy the toxicity placed in your body by smoking is another assault on your nerves. Find help to quit smoking!
Keeping track of how alcohol consumption affects your health and cutting down your consumption can help you manage your neuropathy symptoms.

Caffeine and Neuropathy Many of us like to start our day with caffeine in our morning beverage. Beverages like coffee, energy drinks, and black and

Sugar and Neuropathy Sugar is a delicious addition to many of the foods we eat daily, but it is not a necessary nutrient. It can

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