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graphic of a horseshoe magnet with "magnetic waves" displayed on each end.
Pain Management
#23 Magnetic Therapy

What is Magnet Therapy? Magnet therapy involves using magnetized equipment or magnets themselves to transmit electromagnetic energy into one’s body to obtain healing benefits. It has been deemed as a

Woman on a table having her back massaged by a therapist.
Maintaining Function
#19 Massage Therapy

          by Sabrina Martini Massage is the use of pressure on targeted body structures such as muscles, tendons, and nerves to relieve tension, increase blood flow

Physio therapist stretching a man's arm in a clinic.
Pain Management
#17 Physiotherapy For Combating Pain

What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is designed to be practiced by licensed physiotherapists whom help restore movement and function to individuals who are affected by injury, illness or disability.  Physiotherapists teach

Neuropathy & Diet
#11 Vitamin B12 Deficiency and its’ Tie to PN

In the past few years the supplement and vitamin industry has been growing exponentially and it is common to hear about different types of vitamins and how they can benefit

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