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Beating Neuropathy by Dr. John Hayes Jr.

Reviewed by: Linda Petiot, Calgary Neuropathy Association

Written by Dr. John Hayes Jr.                         Published 2010


Dr. Hayes talks about his efforts to research alternatives to drug therapies. He found results in electrotherapy, low Level Laser Therapy, LED, TENS, spinal manipulation, joint mobilization and other therapies.  The book covers the topics of what is peripheral neuropathy, causes, diagnosis, what to do once you know etc. and touches on the differences of different neuropathies. He warns against self-medicating and that patients should seek medical advice.  He often includes excerpts from studies, but they sometimes are not easily understood by the lay person.

The purpose of this book appears to be to sell you on the NeuropathyDR program provided by Dr. Hayes and his group.  The accompanying website is also about selling his program and I found it had the look and feel of the cheesy, never ending sales shtick.

My favorite tidbit from this book:

“The research on stimulating the body’s own production of neurotropins, a group of factors which enhance our own nerve repair, is fascinating and holds much promise for many patients who suffer from neuropathy – an neuro-degenerative diseases in general.”


Beating Neuropathy

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