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Introducing our comprehensive library of blogs posts about Peripheral Neuropathy, your go-to resource for a diverse array of topics surrounding this complex condition. From understanding symptoms and treatment options to exploring recent research advancements and patient perspectives, our curated collection of blog posts offers valuable insights and information to empower individuals affected by peripheral neuropathy.

Blog Posts:

Stimulation of our biggest nerves Neuropathic pain presents itself in a variety of ways making it hard to pinpoint  its  source. As our parasympathetic nervous

This video provides tips to make your home more safe and help prevent trips and falls. Medical calls make up over 50% of the calls
It can be hard for some of us to sit and really think at length about our pain, most of the time we are doing
With any exercise remember to: - Start slow - Listen to your body - Rest between each set
Sugar Crush has been one of our favorite books about how food, specifically sugar, impact the nerves. Even if the root cause of your peripheral
Network Chiropractic is a gentle force technique where chiropractors help unwind tension in your spinal cord without cracking your bones. Also known as Network Spinal
Dr. Plamondon discusses how physiatrists work together with other specialists like physiotherapists, neurologists, and occupational therapists; and, shares information on physiatry resources in Southern Alberta.
Medical cannabis, is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant and is used to alleviate symptoms associated with specific medical conditions.
Cathy Toupin, Certified Professional, Neurolinguistic Programmer (NLP) and Neuro-Transformational Coach, explores how to adopt a more positive mindset towards your chronic pain.
Let's explore the biopsychosocial approach, a heuristic perspective that enhances our ability to support individuals experiencing chronic pain.
Learn how to reduce sugar to lower inflammation and pain with Aimee Anderson.

Image Source: CNA Sleep Tips Sleep tips are one of the most common things we are asked for and it’s no wonder why. Sleep is

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