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ABOUT: 100+ Things for Neuropathy Relief

100+ Things for Neuropathy Relief is an ongoing, evolving blog series that the CNA is committed to building to help everyone with neuropathy. CNA volunteer writers are exploring each suggestion

Diabetic Neuropathy Detection

The following research summary has been graciously provided by Jugal Manoj Dave and David V. Coppini of Bournemouth University in the UK. November 2020 Comprehensive risk assessment for Diabetic Neuropathy J.M.

Neuropathy Information Sheet – Supporting References

The sole purpose of this Information Sheet supporting references page is to provide a list of resources supporting the information provided in the CNA’s Patient Information Sheet. Click the link

Neuropathy & Diet
How Nutrition Improves Peripheral Neuropathy

To care for peripheral neuropathy, you must think of your health in the long term. One of the best ways to manage your health is to get a handle on your nutrition.

Mental Health
Journaling for Health & Convo

We could all use better conversations Sylvia Donley discusses Journaling for Health and Conversation. Sylvia explores gratitude, release journaling, creative journaling, meditative journaling, food journaling and dream journaling. She also

Help with Sleep
Top Strategies for Sleep

Guest Blogger: Brad Krause Top Strategies for Getting the Quality Sleep You Need If you want to feel your best, you must prioritize the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Mental Health
Why Self-Care Is a Must

Neuropathy is a health condition, and everything you put in your body will affect it — including food. Your best bet is to stick with whole foods close to their natural forms. Avoid overly processed items, especially those laden with sugar and white flour. Both substances spike your blood sugar. Again, even if you are not diabetic you are affected.

Maintaining Function
Let’s Get Physical with Dr. Victoria McArthur

Dr. Victoria McArthur (Dr. Vic) has a passion for exercise. Dr. Vic works with many seniors with the GLA:D program for knee and hip arthritis and chronic pain.

Mental Health
Art Therapy for Healing

Art therapy gives voice to the parts of us that are most in need of healing. Heidi Pedersen, Registered Canadian Art Therapist, DKATI, BA Psych, CCPA, CATA explores how chronic

Neuropathy & Diet
4 Practices to Delay Nerve Damage

Author/Guest Blogger: Rebecca Janeson Also known as peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage can be caused by many factors, from trauma and injury to underlying medical conditions like type 2 diabetes. In

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