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Medical Cannabis
Neuropathy and Medical Cannabis

There are a growing number of people using medical cannabis for a variety health issues.  In fact, neuropathy sufferers are considered one of the patient groups who seem to find

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Pain Management
#35 Avoid Neurotoxic Medications

CMTA, an association similar to Calgary Neuropathy Association but specific for people with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Disease (a hereditary neuropathy),has backed away from their prior list of medications that were thought

Neuropathy & Diet
#34 Manage Food Sensitivities – Help Neuropathy

Is Neuropathy Exacerbated by Certain Foods? Research has shown that there are food ingredients that affect symptoms in those who suffer from neuropathy.  Common culprits are: gluten, MSG, trans fat,

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Pain Management
When Depression Accompanies Pain

Depression is the most common mental health disorder, and the leading cause of disability in the world. One in five individuals will suffer depression in their lifetime. Psychological symptoms include

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Pain Management
#33 Breathing and Your Nervous System

Breathe in, breathe out… We all breathe. It is most an automatic, unconscious experience. We can over-ride it by purposefully holding our breath, or consciously changing the rate or depth

Pain Management
#32 Physiokey and Sanakey for Neuropathic Pain

What is a Physiokey? The Physiokey, developed in Germany, is a non-addictive, non-invasive device used by therapists that delivers electrical impulses via electrodes directly onto the skin. A relative new-comer

Maintaining Function
#31 Creatine for Increasing Muscle Strength

What is creatine? Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid which facilitates the recycling of energy in brain tissues and muscles in the body. Additionally, it increases the volume of muscles

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Pain Management
#30 Grape Seed Extract for Neuropathic Pain

Grape Seed Extract (GSE) Grape Seed Extract (GSE) is reported to have beneficial effects on health and is sold as a natural supplement; however, research that may prove effectiveness in

Pain Management
#29 Acupuncture and Pain Relief

Acupuncture is a millennia-old practice that originated in China, where thin needles are inserted at specific points in the body. It is commonly used to treat pain, relieve stress, and

Pain Management
#28 Capsaicin – Turn up the Heat on Neuropathy

Capsaicin has a Long History Capsaicin (pronounced cap-say-sin), is a chemical compound found in hot peppers, with properties that can provide pain relief but also, in some instances, cause skin

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