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Maintaining Function
#27 The Exciting Field of Functional Neurology

Just like specialists in the medical field, there are also specialists in the chiropractic profession known as functional neurologists. This designation is only held by a limited number of chiropractors

Help with Sleep
#26 Foods That Help You Sleep

We all know a large turkey dinner makes us sleepy. You may have also heard a glass of warm milk before bed helps us get to dreamland.  It turns out it

Help with Sleep
#25 Valerian: A Herb To Help You Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for neuropathy patients because it is while we sleep that muscles repair. Those of us who suffer from chronic fatigue as well as

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Maintaining Function
#24 Get Regular Exercise

Those affected by neuropathy may balk at the idea of starting an exercise program, when simply getting through the tasks associated with daily living can be a challenge.  However, the

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Pain Management
#23 Magnetic Therapy

What is Magnet Therapy? Magnet therapy involves using magnetized equipment or magnets themselves to transmit electromagnetic energy into one’s body to obtain healing benefits. It has been deemed as a

Pain Management
Chronic Pain Shrinks the Brain

As we all know, pain is something human beings are not too fond of and usually avoid if we have a choice. Still, millions of us suffer from pain on

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Mental Health
#22 Volunteering

Giving of yourself, doing something for others, doing something for free…what does volunteering mean to you? Our communities, and society at large, depend on those who give of themselves, volunteering

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Neuropathy & Diet
#21 Healthy Eating For Those With Neuropathic Pain

Good nutrition is one of the first things most doctors will recommend for general good health and well-being, but it can be a particular benefit for those dealing with neuropathy.

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Help with Sleep
#20 Managing Fatigue Caused By Neuropathy

Dealing with neuropathy can be exhausting. As if there wasn’t enough to deal with in one day already between work, school, family or household obligations, neuropathy adds a complicating layer

Woman on a table having her back massaged by a therapist.
Maintaining Function
#19 Massage Therapy

          by Sabrina Martini Massage is the use of pressure on targeted body structures such as muscles, tendons, and nerves to relieve tension, increase blood flow

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