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Manicurist paints nails with red gel polish. Nail polish application. Manicured red nails.
Self Advocacy
#8 Use Non-Toxic Nail Polish

If you’ve ever done your nails, you know the cool feeling in your finger and toe tips you have after you’ve just applied it.  It is possible that is from

Cleaning products on blue background. Top view. Copy space. Chemical cleaning supplies. Stop plastic
Self Advocacy
#7 Avoid Harsh Household Products

Many of our common household cleaning products and other household products contain neurotoxins. Choosing carefully when you select cleaners can help reduce your toxic burden (that’s the build up of

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Neuropathy Causes
#6 Quit Smoking – Tobacco and Neuropathy

A Healing Lifestyle – Tobacco and Neuropathy Those struggling with neuropathy know all too well the familiarity of daily medications, a busy schedule of visits to the doctor, physiotherapist, or

artificial sweetener powder in a packet and cup of tea on yellow background
Neuropathy & Diet
#5 Cut Out Artificial Sweeteners

  Artificial Sweeteners: avoid them whenever possible There is a lot of talk about artificial sweeteners, so we’ll let some experts do the talking for us. See the exerts below. “The

Concept of tasty and delicious alcohol drink, wine
Neuropathy & Diet
#4 Cut Down Alcohol

Alcohol and Your Health Wine, cocktails, or an ice-cold beer. Whatever your preference, alcohol can be a staple for social events or simply a way to wind down for the

Coffee beans lined up to make a heart beat monitor line with a black cup of coffee near the beginning of line
Neuropathy & Diet
#3 Cut Down Caffeine

Caffeine and Neuropathy Many of us like to start our day with a caffeinated beverage. Beverages like coffee, energy drinks, and black and green teas are among the most common

A salt shaker tipped on its side with a pile of salt spilled in front. A row of identical salt shakers lined up in the background.
Neuropathy & Diet
#2 Cut Down Salt

Salt and Your Health Salt (also known as sodium) is a necessary part of how our nerves operate. It should be noted that there is a difference between salt and

sugar cube on table
Neuropathy & Diet
#1 Cut Down Sugar

Sugar and Neuropathy Sugar is a delicious addition to many of the foods we eat daily, but it is not a necessary nutrient. It can give you energy, make you

graphic of connected nerve cells lit up with messages
Maintaining Function
New Frontiers in Treating Neuropathy

Dr. James Haxton talks to our members in December 2016, in Calgary, about new findings in functional neurology, and how they can help neuropathy sufferers. Watch the lecture below, or

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