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#60 L-Theanine’s relaxing effects

A naturally occurring amino acid in green and black tea, L-theanine facilitates relaxation when ingested, helping induce a state of calm, attentive wakefulness. It also improves attention span, focus and memory. Additional benefits may include reduced blood pressure and fat accumulation, and an improved immune system.

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Medical cannabis: an effective treatment for neuropathic pain Limited evidence suggests that medical marijuana/cannabis (a plant that contains biologically active substances in its leaves, flowers, and buds and their extracts – for example, oil and concentrates) can reduce nausea and vomiting…

#59 Balance Training

#59 Balance Training

When we are constantly anxious about losing balance, or falling, it can be hard to get motivated to get out of the house, be active and even see friends or family. It is for these reasons, both mental and physical, that it is important for us to maintain adequate balance.

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#58 Analgesics for PN

This is a summary of analgesics only and does NOT have all the possible information about the medications listed below. This is not individual medical advice and does not substitute for medical advice.  The information below does not assure that…

3 secrets of resilience

Right now, in this time of isolation, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn and to work on skills that can benefit us long term. Resilience is not something you either have or you don’t have, it is a set…

Topical Compounds

In November 2018, Steve Mamchur, owner and pharmacist at Kenron Pharmacy, a local Calgary compounding pharmacy, provided a very informative talk on topical compounds. Some notes from the talk are provided below. Topical Compound Options For treatment of nerve pain the…

Neuropathy and Foot Care

Chulani has been practicing nursing for 12 years in Sri Lanka and a Board Certified Registered Nurse since graduating Bachelor’s program in 2000. She worked as a “Trauma Care Nurse” in an Emergency and Orthopedic Dept. Chulani received the Best…

Light Therapy – Q and A Part 3 of 3

Light Therapy with Anodyne Part 3 of 3 – Questions and Answers Bruce Perkins answers questions on Light Therapy, Anodyne technology and the research studies supporting its effectiveness for treating peripheral neuropathy. Anodyne Light Therapy – Presentation Slides – Warning:…