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Ron Wilson – Driving with Mobility Issues

Driving with Mobility Issues Ron Wilson is the Manager of Fleet Safety Services  for the Alberta Motor Association. The AMA has worked with over 1,400 companies in Alberta, providing professional

Mental Health
#51 Your Present: Mind Full or Mindful?

Our wandering state of mind A lot of our time is spent thinking. Not only do we think a lot, but we think a lot about things outside of any

Pain Management
#50 Mirror Box Therapy-Retrain the Brain

Mirror Box Therapy (also known as Mirror Therapy) was created by Villayanur S. Ramachandran initially to assist in the alleviation of phantom limb pain.  The principle of mirror box therapy is the

Pain Management
#49 Herbal Healing: Careful With Comfrey

Not just pretty Comfrey isn’t just a pretty plant. Growing approximately three feet tall and producing stalks covered with pointed leaves and white, pink, or purple flowers, herbal medicine traditions

Mental Health
#48 Home Detox: Gardening for Wellness

Home Detox: Indoor Gardening for Wellness! With winter well behind us (knock on wood… this is Canada after all) nature is in full swing, blooming and growing! If you have

Pain Management
#47 Journaling for Pain Management

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, a simple but helpful tool to consider is journaling. It doesn’t involve much (just a pen, paper, and the willingness to sit down and

Help with Sleep
#45 Relaxation: Beyond a Good Night’s Sleep

When was the last time you relaxed? I’m not talking about the minutes watching television over dinner. Honestly, that is what came to my mind first, for who doesn’t enjoy

Neuropathy Book Reviews
Small Nerves, Big Problems

Small Nerves, Big Problems: A Comprehensive Patient Guide to Small Fiber Neuropathy, is an excellent guide to the current understanding of small fiber neuropathy, that acknowledges that further research is required. Each chapter provides a clear and concise

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