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Neuropathy & Diet
How Nutrition Improves Peripheral Neuropathy

To care for peripheral neuropathy, you must think of your health in the long term. One of the best ways to manage your health is to get a handle on your nutrition.

Neuropathy & Diet
4 Practices to Delay Nerve Damage

Author/Guest Blogger: Rebecca Janeson Also known as peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage can be caused by many factors, from trauma and injury to underlying medical conditions like type 2 diabetes. In

Neuropathy & Diet
Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush has been one of our favorite books about how food, specifically sugar, impact the nerves.
Even if the root cause of your peripheral neuropathy is not sugar based, there are valuable lessons in this book to prevent sugar from compounding the condition.

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Neuropathy & Diet
Reduce sugar to lower pain

Topic Timings: About Aimee Anderson Learn More with CNA: #1 Cut Down Sugar #34 Manage Food Sensitivities #5 Cut Out Artificial Sweeteners #21 Healthy Eating for those with Neuropathy

Neuropathy & Diet
#64 Vitamin D help on 2 Fronts

Vitamin D helps on two fronts: improving neuropathy pain and bone integrity (reducing risk of fracture).

Neuropathy & Diet
#62 Alpha Lipoic Acid

It is always advised to talk with your health care provider before starting any new supplement. Herbs and supplements may interfere with each other and with medications.  You can also

Neuropathy & Diet
TCM-Part 3: Herbology and Dietary Therapy

In Part 3 of this 5 video set Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses TCM, herbology and dietary therapy. Find Erik Colaiezzi at: www.erikacupuncture.com For more of our videos, click here. If

Neuropathy & Diet
4 Lifestyle Changes for Living with Neuropathy

Whether battling an illness or just trying to maintain our health, we should constantly be evaluating the things we do in our daily lives and how they affect us. We

Neuropathy & Diet
Michal Ofer – Functional Nutritionist

Michal is a functional nutritionist and consultant working with groups and individuals looking to improve their general well-being, with a special emphasis on naturally and holistically healing the metabolic, systemic and

Neuropathy & Diet
#43 Herbal Healing: Butcher’s Broom for Poor Circulation

Neuropathy in Autonomic Nerves Neuropathy comes in many forms, with peripheral neuropathy being the most noticeable, due to detectable experiences like pain and numbness. Meanwhile, autonomic neuropathy and its symptoms

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