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Dawn Ross: Part 1-Face Lifts for the Feet

Face Lifts for the Feet

Dawn Ross

Dawn Ross of Bit by Bit Bodyworks discusses exercises for your feet. Dawn is a certified custom yoga therapist who works with individuals on there goals for better health, managing pain, and neurological conditions.

Face Lifts for the Feet – Click below to watch the video:

YouTube video

Note: We recommend you turn on the Closed Captioning for this and all our videos. The transcripts provided will not be perfect – they will get some words wrong, and they may cover some of the content on the slides, but it can be helpful.

A certified custom yoga therapist possesses the expertise to address a myriad of foot-related issues through targeted yoga techniques tailored to individual needs. By combining knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and yoga philosophy, these therapists can devise specialized yoga sequences designed to improve foot strength, flexibility, and stability.

Through specific asanas (poses), such as toe stretches, foot circles, and arch lifts, they can alleviate common foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, or bunions. Furthermore, customized therapeutic exercises may focus on enhancing proprioception and balance, essential for preventing falls and improving overall foot function. Additionally, breathwork and relaxation techniques incorporated into sessions can reduce tension and promote circulation, fostering optimal foot health and well-being. Overall, a certified custom yoga therapist offers holistic and personalized approaches to address foot concerns, empowering individuals to achieve greater comfort, mobility, and vitality in their feet.

CNA’s mission is to empower those affected by neuropathy to regain strength and retain function.

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