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Bring peripheral neuropathy out of obscurity! Educate people on self-care. Support others along the way. Interested? Read on...
Calgary Neuropathy Association

What we do

Calgary Neuropathy Association supports people impacted by neuropathy by providing information to both the local community and the medical community. We need help from people like you to provide continued support for those suffering from neuropathy.

Our goals are to:

  • Educate those suffering with neuropathy in self-management techniques so they can improve their life and function
  • Provide support so people do not feel alone in this journey
  • Spread awareness about neuropathy and its impacts to sufferers and their support systems
  • Raise funds for neuropathy research
  • Grow the association so we can help more and more people
Ways to Help: Donate, volunteer, share our message

Ways to help us fund our goals! A little makes a difference

Donate through E-Transfer

If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your contributions, this is the best way for you! Donate by E-transfer directly to Treasury@CalgaryNeuropathy.com
Be sure to include these items in the message section so we can send you a tax receipt:
Full Address
Phone Number

Take advantage of Matching gifts

Choose to either donate on a scheduled monthly basis or make it a one time donation. It’s your choice! Every dollar counts.
Check with your employer to see if they have a matching program

Donate using good, old-fashion cheque

We appreciate how confusing the new methods can be, but we still accept donations the old-fashioned ways. Cash or cheque are always an option, but please don’t send cash through the mail.
Mail cheques to: Calgary Neuropathy Association PO Box 72068 RPO Glenmore Landing Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2V 5H9

Volunteers Needed

Want to join us in our fight? Click here for information on becoming a volunteer and current opportunities.
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We can't do it alone...

Why Choose Us?

Education and support resources for peripheral neuropathy are scarce, leaving many individuals feeling isolated and uninformed. The Calgary Neuropathy Association is a pioneering organization in Canada, and one of only a few in North America, dedicated to filling this gap by offering valuable information, education, and support for those living with peripheral neuropathy and navigating its profound impacts.

As a 100% volunteer-run organization, we rely on the generosity and support of individuals like you to expand our reach and increase neuropathy awareness. By supporting us, you enable us to provide essential educational resources, spread community wisdom on self-care practices, and offer vital support to individuals and families affected by this condition.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those living with peripheral neuropathy and work towards building a more supportive and informed community.

Another one of the ways to help...

Skip the Depot

Hate going to the bottle depot? Like many of us, you may have bottles and can piling up but you don’t want to go to the bottle depot. Perhaps you never really did! Now, the CNA partnered with Skip-the-Depot and we need your bottles!

Use this link to download the Skip-the-Depot app and donate the proceeds to the CNA supporting our efforts in neuropathy awareness and education.

Skip-the depot will pick them up for you.

Be sure to select Calgary Neuropathy Association as your designated charity.

Need help?  Contact: Info@CalgaryNeuropathy.com

Share your story

Spread Awareness

Tell your friends about peripheral neuropathy, the CNA and what we do.  Share us on Social media.  

Let the whole world know people with peripheral neuropathy are not alone!

Need an ear?

CNA is your hub for education and support when it comes to neuropathy.  Reach out for information, a compassionate ear, or support.
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