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Education and Support For Those Affected By Neuropathy
What's special about us?

We have peripheral neuropathy too!

That means we get it.  We have the burning, tingling pain, and numbness.  We toss and turn unable to get to sleep because of the pain. We get muscle cramps and weakness from the muscle atrophy that comes with damaged and deteriorating nerves. We fall down a lot too. But we get back up! We connect with others like ourselves and we learn!

Who we are

About Us: Our Mission

To ensure, through education, discussion and peer support, people living with neuropathy and neuropathic pain have a safe place where they can talk and be heard, ask questions and receive credible information.

At the CNA our mission, vision, values and goals are our guide for the future and help us keep on track.

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Education and Support For Those Affected By
Peripheral Neuropathy

Our Value

Our Members

Our board works collaboratively with its members to determine each member’s needs. Every person’s involvement, great or small, is not only appreciated, but is necessary for the organization to exist and flourish.

Thank you to our members for taking ownership and being committed.

To become a member we suggest a $25 donation and require attendance at at least one meeting.  However, we do not wish to turn anyone away who wishes to be part of the CNA community.  Anyone requesting a membership via compassionate pricing only needs to ask to become a member.

Website Contributors

Current Website Contributors

Linda Petiot joined CNA in December 2015 after hearing Dr. Haxton speak to the group. She was so happy to hear there were things she is able to do for her neuropathy that she joined CNA that day to learn more. Since that day she’s been researching and trying different options for neuropathy and pain relief.

Linda is an independent information technology business analyst who has taken on the Vice-President role as well as management of the CNA website and video production. Linda says, “Even though it is volunteer, working with Sylvia and the rest of this team is the highlight of my career. I feel like I can really make a difference and help people with peripheral neuropathy.” Linda is looking forward to the exciting things the team will do together.

Louise is an independent marketing communications consultant and Secretary, Board of Directors of the CNA. Louise is currently on a sabbatical studying in the medical admin field.


Sylvia Donley, BScN MN is the past president of the Calgary Neuropathy Association. Sharing her knowledge and personal experience has become a passion and focus for Sylvia. She believes in the importance of connecting with those living with neuropathy, their family, friends and health care providers.

Sylvia joined the Calgary Neuropathy Association as a member in 2008 and became President of the Association in 2010 when founder Val Shaw-Lewis stepped down. It has been important to Sylvia that the CNA belong to its members and encourages their involvement.

Sylvia worked as a RN completing her BScN following an impact injury to her knee. Post-op, Sylvia was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). RSD is a fairly rare neurological disorder more recently referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Sylvia has also been rear ended (motor vehicle accidents) several times with both structural and nerve damage to her spine causing nerve damage to the right eye (Third Nerve Damage) and RSD to the right arm. It was after the first car accident that Sylvia obtained her Masters in Nursing.

Need an ear?

CNA is your hub for education and support when it comes to neuropathy.  Reach out for information, a compassionate ear, or support.
Website Contributors

Past Website Contributors

Dr. James Haxton graduated cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay area. Just like specialists in the medical field, there are also specialists in the chiropractic profession. Dr. Haxton is a diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB) which means he has a specialty in chiropractic neurology, also known as functional neurology. This designation is only held by 27 chiropractors in Canada. Studying under Dr. Frederick Carrick, functional neurology has been the centre of Dr. Haxton’s clinic in south Calgary. Treating neurological disorders from neuropathy to Parkinson’s to concussions, the success of functional neurology has superseded traditional neurological methods and produced positive outcomes.

Functional neurologists use the musculoskeletal (muscles and bones) and sensory systems (sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing) as they interact with the neurological system (brain) to improve quality of life. They use a variety of treatment modalities including the technique of adjustment as well as other sensory-based treatments to bring about improvements in health. This exciting new field is gaining a lot of steam, especially from media coverage around the success of functional neurology with high profile athletes, such as Sidney Crosby, and Olympic medalists, looking for a competitive edge. In everyday life, many people are utilizing functional neurology after being told their test results are normal but their symptoms are still affecting their daily lives.

As more research is conducted in the field of neurology, functional neurologists can modify and evolve their treatments to conform to the newest standards of care for the best possible results.

Learn More about Dr. Haxton and Functional Neurology by visiting his website here: HeritagePointWellness.com

Sabrina Martini has completed her 4th year of her Bachelors of Science, majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge. During her bachelor’s she contributed to research regarding sleep-dependent hippocampal memory. Her interests lie in all things medical and she was accepted into medical school in 2020.

Courtney Hutchinson is a Calgary-based Registered Nurse and Health Educator. She received her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2016 from Mount Royal University and plans to get her Masters in the future. Courtney is also the founder of The Wellness Hive, an educational wellness website that promotes a philosophy of living well. To learn more about Courtney, and her view on wellness, visit her website here: http://thewellnesshive.com

Lisa-Marie McLennan is a University of Calgary graduate, holding her Bachelor of Arts: English Literature major & Psychology minor. She enjoys volunteering in her community, including past work with the Calgary Counselling Centre and and the Women’s Resource Center, continually learning, and travelling often. Pieces of her heart are left in New York, London, Prague, and Budapest. You can find her reading, planning the next adventure, experimenting with a new recipe, or strolling the Bow River while listening to her favorite artists and podcasts.

Mary Armstrong has worked and volunteered for several non-profits. As a former business owner, editing, writing and graphic design were key components of the job, and she continues to contribute in a volunteer capacity while semi-retired. Mary recently joined the CNA after seeing an opportunity online where she can continue to use her skills, and learn about neuropathy in an effort to assist the CNA to reach the many people affected. In her spare time, Mary enjoys hiking, skiing, photography and travel, and recently became part of the Calgary area film community as a background performer.

Darius Vladeanu is a biological sciences graduate from the University of Calgary. Darius is looking to apply for medical school in the future. His home country is Romania, but immigrated to Canada in 2009 (Darius is now a Canadian citizen). His favorite sport is soccer and he has played for the New Brunswick provincial soccer team. He also played football and was part of the wrestling team in high school. He enjoys volunteering and being an active member of my community. I am passionate about helping others and I hope to become a family doctor in the future.

Dr. Nikita Burke is a postdoctoral researcher examining the neurobiology of pain, with a focus on microglia and opioids. During her PhD she examined the role of the immune and monoaminergic systems in the link between depression and pain, and the impact of early life stress on pain-related responding in later life.

Anas is a citizen scientist and enjoys staying connected to the world of neuroscience. His interests lie in neuroplasticity with respect to skill-learning psychology, and how to optimize brain functions in order to integrate learned protocols in training regiments and everyday life. He is a Mining Engineer by trade and currently works as a Technology & Applications Engineer. Anas grew up competitively boxing and also has an avid interest in mountain biking and alpine skiing.”

Our Founder

Val Shaw-Lewis

Val Shaw-Lewis founded the Calgary Neuropathy Association in March 2001. She was the visionary who took an idea and made it a reality. Val continued to nurture the association for nine years until her retirement from the organization in 2010.

Val passed away on July 1st, 2023. In the early days, Val had two advisors, Dr. Cory Toth and Dr. Douglas Zochodne. She adored both of these doctors and enjoyed being, what she called, their “guinea pig”. Val and her family followed the CNA over the years and she was pleased to know the CNA was still helping people.
Her obituary can be found at Prairie Rose Funerals .

About Us - Picture of the association founder Val Shaw-Lewis

Need an ear?

CNA is your hub for education and support when it comes to neuropathy.  Reach out for information, a compassionate ear, or support.
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