CNA Connections: PM – October 2021

CNA Connections PM.   Image Source: CNA

The CNA’s on-line “CNA connections: PM”/discussion meetings are currently open to anyone with neuropathy or anyone who provides care or lives with someone suffering from neuropathy is welcome to attend. All are welcome.


Click here to Register:  CNA Connections: PM

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Meeting format:

We are primarily a neuropathy education group and so our CNA connection meetings focus on a specific self-management topic each meeting.  The topic is often not decided until soon before the meeting.  As standard procedure the administrator may read an article from the CNA website to start the discussion.

Note: These meetings will NOT be recorded.

On-Line Meeting Etiquette:

  1. It is good etiquette to put yourself on mute and to un-mute yourself when you wish to comment or ask a question.  Be aware, if you have disruptive background noise the meeting administrator may put you on mute to aid everyone’s ability to hear.
  2. If you are typing, ensure you place your self on mute.
  3. You may use the Chat box to ask questions or to communicate directly with the administrator.
  4. Headsets work best for some people, they reduce the need to project (raise your voice) and may block some background noise.
  5. It is best to save snacks for after the meeting, but feel free to have your favorite bev in hand.
  6. No abuse will be tolerated, anyone being abusive or intolerant will be removed from the meeting.

Your Support of Neuropathy Education is Appreciated:

The CNA exists solely because of donations and fundraising. We do still have association expenses and so, if you are able, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.   Please use the e-transfer option or click the donate button on our CNA website home page if you can support us in our education and support efforts.

FYI, under normal (non-covid) conditions we suggest a $25 annual or $5.00 for drop-in donation.  Compassion pricing is always available upon request.

All contributions go towards online and in person meeting expenses, the CNA Website, educational material development and distribution.


Please note: the CNA Terms of Use applies to all CNA Events.

CNA Connections PM: Oct 2021

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