February 20, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Northmount Baptist Church
451 Northmount Drive NW
Calgary Neuropathy Association
Pencil sketch of a person arms raised above the head and together and one leg raised with foot resting on inside of thigh.
Gentle Yoga
Chronic pain can affect range of mobility, balance, the breath and even the ability to relax.   Gentle Yoga for Pain Management combines breath awareness, relaxation techniques and movements to strengthen muscles and increase mobility for anyone who is challenged by illness or the stiffness that comes with age, repetitive stress or injury.  Meditation is blended into the class, a technique known to calm the pain centre in the brain and to increase the ability to deal with stress.  Eliminating pain may not be possible but doing yoga stretches and breathing practices can help keep the pain at bay.  If done consistently, even small amounts can garner benefits.
Please dress so you are able to move around freely.

There is lots of parking behind the church and along the cul de sac at the North end of the church.

Doors:   Please use the double doors at the back of the church at the North end where the wheelchair parking spaces are.

$5 drop in fee $25 annual membership

For more about Yoga and its benefits for Neuropathy see: #15 Yoga and Neuropathy
Gentle Yoga for Pain Management

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