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Fire & Falls Prevention with Todd Berry, CFD

Fire & Falls Prevention- A major concern for people with neuropathy is their risk of falling and their mobility when they really need it.  What would you do if you needed help? How can you help yourself to prevent a falls?

Community Safety Officer, Todd Berry of the City of Calgary Fire Department discusses key messages about fire safety and fall prevention. Topics such as cooking safety, proper use of space heaters, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and the maintenance of these alarms.  We also want to provide tips to make your home more safe and help prevent trips and falls. Medical calls make up over 50% of the calls the Calgary Fire Department responds to.

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Man in Fire department uniform. Falls Prevention.
Todd Berry, Community Safety Officer
Image Source: Todd Berry

Todd Berry is a Community Safety Officer with the Calgary Fire Department. He educates Calgarian’s on the importance of fire safety and prevention. Todd also serves to reduce risks for citizens within our community, across all demographics. Todd joined the Calgary Fire Department in February of 2011. He worked as a firefighter responding to emergency calls until 2016. He was then promoted to the rank of Community Safety Officer.

Todd has educated thousands of Calgarian’s on fire safety and other topics related to community risk reduction. Todd is also the lead officer for the Youth Firesetter Program which aims to educate youth on the dangers of playing with fire. He is passionate about fire safety and keeping all citizens safe here in Calgary. Todd has volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters for many years. He sits on the Safety Expo Planning Committee, which organizes an annual event that educates several thousand students and is hosted by several public safety related agencies. In his free time, when not spending time with his wife and two kids, Todd enjoys getting out into nature and capturing scenic photos.

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