Giving Tuesday 2020

Thanks to everyone who supported us for in the Giving Tuesday 2020 Campaign

Goal #1 – Raise $2000 to build an accessible neuropathy course

This year we raised $6889.95 in donations including $2,000 in donations to build an on-line course to teach neuropathy sufferers about neuropathy and self-management techniques. This is a part of Sylvia’s vision* and her way to stay involved. Building an on-line course will enable people to learn about their nervous system, how it is being changed by neuropathy and then go into detail on how to self-manage their symptoms.

All your generous donations were matched by an anonymous partner!!

*Sylvia’s vision is to educate people with neuropathy where ever they are and what ever the cause. She has been educating people for decades and hopes to continue with the CNA in a support capacity helping to build and provide this education.

Follow our progress throughout December here:

Build a Neuropathy Course$6800$2000

Goal #2 – We hoped to have at least 20 new join our CNA Newsletter.

While we didn’t meet this goal we did have 6 new people join our CNA extended family.

Our newsletter provides a summary of what is new with the association and on the website. It is an awareness tool we hope people will share with friends and family who also have neuropathy so they can also benefit from our resources.

Please sign up below for the CNA newsletter and hear the latest news and information not always available on the site.

To date we have had 6 neuropathy sufferers sign up.

Give us your story!
Goal #3 – We wanted to hear at least 20 new neuropathy stories.

Why do we want to hear your stories?

Your stories help us give us new information. We learn something new from every person we meet, and we love it! Your stories give us examples of “people just like you” we can share to help other neuropathy suffers so they know they really are not alone.

To date we have had 4 neuropathy sufferers share their stories.

Thank you for Supporting the CNA in any way you can.