If you’re interested in learning more about us, the Calgary Neuropathy Association (CNA), you’re in the right place. Our mission is to help those with neuropathy self-manage symptoms so they feel empowered and can take an active part in living with and caring for their neuropathy.

We are a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, which means we can provide tax receipts (a common question).

CNA Programs:
  • Our primary program is a Monthly Meeting (September to May) where we invite guest speakers to present to our association.
  • CNA Connections (support meetings) – two per month
  • Compassionate Calling – Calls to members who we know are struggling, who need help, and who may have questions
  • Information Line – We receive calls from all over Canada and the US. For those who wish we spend time listening to their story, hearing about their cause and symptoms. Based on our personal and community knowledge we discuss self-management techniques they can try.
  • Community Outreach – Us old timers reach out to people and other groups in the community through presentations and other means to spread the word about neuropathy, self-management and the need for awareness.
  • CalgaryNeuropathy.com – This website is our primary means of communication to the world. We strive to provide credible information on Neuropathy and associated impacts. Everything on our site is currently open to the public so anyone in need can access it.
  • Social Media & Newsletter – The CNA has been using social media to connect with more people and to spread the word about self-management and what we all can do to help ourselves. We currently are connected to around 4000 people through social media. Our newsletter is something we are proud of, but have difficulty finding time and energy to build consistently.
  • Student Engagement – We believe in helping the next generation where we can. In that, we provide students from Community college to University the opportunity to do work experience programs, project work for credit, and volunteer work with our team.
Coming Soon:
  • An On-Line Neuropathy Course – A CNA committee has been working on this for a year. We are looking forward to the day when we can provide On-Line courses containing all our community knowledge so anyone who needs it has access.

The CNA in a nutshell…

  1. About us – including our website contributors
  2. Our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
  3. Our Board of Executive Directors
  4. How to contact us
  5. All the Ways to Help the CNA spread neuropathy awareness and education
  6. An Archive of our Past Newsletters
  7. Neuropshop.ca – a Social Enterprise we are (slowly) creating to fund and support the CNA’s Mission

Hear about Neuropathy and the CNA

an old fashioned radio with the word Podcast above

This July, Linda and Sylvia of the CNA executive board had the pleasure of speaking with Erika Rodriquez of the SilverShades podcast produced by the Ogden House Senior Citizen Club.

In the podcast Linda and Sylvia answer the questions:

  • What is Neuropathy? and What is the CNA?
  • What is our message about neuropathy and why is it so important?
  • and finally, What is Self-Management?

Listen here: Episode 08 – the Calgary Neuropathy Association

Support of Neuropathy Education is Appreciated

If you are able, please help our education resources and programs grow.

Every dollar makes a difference

The CNA exists solely because of donations and fundraising. If you are able, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.   Please use the e-transfer option or click the button above if you can support us in our education and support efforts. All contributions go towards online and in person meeting expenses, the CNA Website, educational material development and distribution.