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Dr. Michael Kentris – Discussion on Neuropathy

Dr. Michael Kentris discusses peripheral neuropathy with Linda Petiot, the Calgary Neuropathy President and Louise, another member of our board. This discussion covers a collection of topics: from how to develop a relationship with your neurologist to thoughts on weight lifting, Dr. Kentris had plenty of interesting things to tell us. Linda and our audience had the opportunity to ask many questions related to peripheral neuropathy, CMT, Medications and EMGs.

Dr. Kentris is a neurologist at MercyHealth in the US. He is also hosts “The Neurotransmitters Podcast” a podcast aimed at doctors and other medical professionals to help the understand neurology.

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About Dr. Michael Kentris:

Dr. Michael Kentris
Image Source: Dr. M Kentris

Dr. Kentris graduated his neurology residency from Wright State University in 2017 followed by a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2018. He then returned as faculty to Wright State University, and while there was active in neurology education for the residency program and was given the excellence in teaching award by the neurology residents two years in a row.

He has since moved to Youngstown, Ohio where he continues to teach medical students and residents regularly, both in person and online. He also works with the American Academy of Neurology’s continuing medical education journal, Continuum, as a narrator.

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