Light Therapy with Anodyne

Part 1 of 3 – Introduction to Neuropathy

Bruce Perkins speaks about his personal experience living with peripheral neuropathy, and with a strong background in Light Therapy he talks about his experiences with Anodyne technology and the research studies supporting its effectiveness for treating peripheral neuropathy.

Anodyne Light Therapy – Presentation SlidesWarning: contains some graphic images of ulcers caused by neuropathy.

Anodyne has 25 double blind peer reviewed studies published in noted journals, 11 of the studies are treating Peripheral Neuropathy. With an average of 97% increase in sensation and a 65% decrease in pain, and an 85% increase in balance improvement. Fear of falling is one of the biggest concerns to the sufferers. 

These studies were done with over 4000 patients, average age 72 years. Each patient received a total of 12-15 sessions over a four-week period. Note: It has shown that increased frequency of use will yield even better outcomes.

Below are two videos (note they are sales tools):

Mountaincrest Rehab Anodyne video

Dr Brant Green Neuropathy Partners.

Also see the following independent article in Podiatry Today

If you are interested in more on the Anodyne System information email for Bruce Perkins’ contact information.

Light Therapy – Intro to PN Part 1 of 3
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