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Maintain Function

This discussion has a collection of topics contained within. From How to develop a relationship with your neurologist to Thoughts on weight lifting. Dr. Kentris,
Catharine Eckersley, Occupational therapist, touches on topics ranging from mobility aids, falls, energy/pain management, aging-in-place/home accessibility, to sensory re-education and neuroplasticity, driving vehicles, and ergonomics.
Dr. Victoria McArthur (Dr. Vic) has a passion for exercise. Dr. Vic works with many seniors with the GLA:D program for knee and hip arthritis
Meet François Gagnon, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist of The Other Pain Clinic. In this video he discusses how to easily adjust your lifestyle to add
Some of the best shoes for those who suffer from neuropathy are athletic shoes, but not all of them are made equal. This posts looks
With any exercise remember to: - Start slow - Listen to your body - Rest between each set
Network Chiropractic is a gentle force technique where chiropractors help unwind tension in your spinal cord without cracking your bones. Also known as Network Spinal
Check your circulation In the realm of medicine, circulation refers to the movement of fluids—specifically blood—through the body.
Lifting weights is a powerful practice that goes beyond building muscle. It plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health, especially when it comes to
Gillian Bagg BHSCOT, HBPE owner & operator of Gillian Bagg Occupational Therapy Services explores self care in our daily lives

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