Maintaining Function

Education and Support For Those Affected By Neuropathy

Maintaining Function

As neuropathy worsens, our muscles weaken. As our muscles weaken our ability to do the things we used to do, our function, fades. People with neuropathy are known to “trip over fresh air”. It doesn’t stop there though, does it. We can loose strength in our fingers and hands, our core and backs, our hips and legs. Where ever neuropathy hides, strength and function wains. For many of us though, this loss can be pushed off. Building our muscles (at least to some degree) is possible. But, we need to be careful! This is where pacing comes in. Overdoing it can lead to more muscle damage and days paying for our over-enthusiasm.

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Our hands and feet need to move too!

For those of us with neuropathy, our fine motor skills are one of the first places our function is impacted. Exercise isn’t all cardio and weight lifting. When it comes to maintaining balance, and hand function, focused exercises can help.

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Hand and Feet Exercises

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100+ Things for Neuropathy Relief

This is a lot to take in so start with our highly recommended ** options (the ones with two asterisks). These things in particular are the self-care tools to consider first. We believe in these tools based discussions with people we’ve spoken to who have had success using them; and, these are the tools we’ve found the most supporting research for. These lists will keep growing, so keep checking back.

Neuropathy Articles

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CNA Guest Speaker Videos

We all love a good massage, but regular massages can also be a part of your self-management toolkit. Jessica Villeneuve, RMT and Owner of Same Stars Wellness explores how regular massage can help decrease pain, numbness and other neuropathic symptoms, while also allowing for both better mobility and sleep post treatment.

Same Stars Wellness is special in that it focuses on conditions not always associated with massage, such as chronic pain, movement disorders, pediatric care and oncology.

Our second featured resource for maintaining function is a video (in 2 parts) from Dr. James Haxton of Heritage Point Chiropractic & Massage. He’s a bit of legend with CNA folks who live in Calgary, AB. A chiropractor with neurological training through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (ACNB), he does more than adjustments he helps us maintain function. And he is a big supporter of the CNA.
While chiropractic isn’t for everyone, the tips in these videos are.

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