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Mental Health

Brain fog in peripheral neuropathy patients is often due to a combination of chronic pain, sleep disturbances, medication side effects, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and underlying
We could all use better conversations. Let's explore how Sylvia Donley discusses Journaling for Health and Conversation.
Neuropathy is a health condition, and everything you put in your body will affect it — including food. Your best bet is to stick with
Heidi Pedersen, Registered Canadian Art Therapist, DKATI, BA Psych, CCPA, CATA explores how chronic pain, anxiety, and loss can be addressed through art therapy techniques
In this post we talk about pain, sleep, mood, and how to live well even when these three important life factors aren't exactly making your
Cathy Toupin, Certified Professional, Neurolinguistic Programmer (NLP) and Neuro-Transformational Coach, explores how to adopt a more positive mindset towards your chronic pain.
Sylvia Donley, provides an overview of Tapping, also called EFT, as an alternative method for treating negative emotion and physical pain.
Inositol, sometimes referred to as vitamin B8, is not actually a vitamin but rather a type of sugar with several important functions
Joanne Neweduk offers a transformative experiential session centered around the profound impact of sound therapy on our well-being
What are the secrets of resilience? Resilience isn’t about avoiding pain; it’s about navigating it skillfully. While we embrace these challenging times.

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