Mission to Goals

You can function with pain.
Let us help you discover how.

Calgary Neuropathy Association

Our Vision and Mission

Education and Support For those affected by Neuropathy

Our Vision

Over the next 10 years, the CNA will evolve into a self-sustaining association with adequate funding and staff to manage a Neuropathy Resource Centre. The Neuropathy Resource Centre’s main purpose is to teach neuropathy sufferers self-advocacy and self-management of their symptoms and to educate healthcare professionals on peripheral neuropathy.

Our Mission

To ensure, through education, discussion and peer support, people living with neuropathy and neuropathic pain have a safe place where they can talk and be heard, ask questions and receive credible information.

Our guide in all we do...

Our Values

What we believe to be true and they guide us in every activity and decision.


Everybody needs to know about Neuropathy and how they can help
We encourage continual learning through awareness and support; and we support research for the benefit all impacted by neuropathy.

Advocate and Promote

Share the wisdom of self-management for Neuropathy through advocacy and promotion.


Help others through education.


Research is our future. Researchers are our guide.
Core Value 2



Optimism improves lives. Hope opens eyes. Positivity lifts spirits, Balance keeps us grounded.
We adopt optimism as we balance reality and hope.


With no cure, we offer instead hope for improved quality of life and relief by opening people's eyes to self-management strategies.


Positivity, including seeking joy and practicing gratitude, is undeniably and proven to be important to our individual care and quality of life.


It is important to balance optimism and hope with the reality of our situation.
Core Value 3



Trust means being impartial, respectful, and a safe place.
We build and exhibit trust and integrity to ensure a safe place for sharing and support.

A safe place

A Safe Place boosts well-being.


Respect gives dignity.


Impartiality instills confidence.
Core Value 4



Compassion is empathy, caring, and support; and is the foundation of our programs
We display compassion through our interactions with members, supporters and the community at large.


Empathy: Neuropathy experiences are shared experiences.


Show care by giving close attention, sharing time, and understanding needs.


Compassionate support speaks to the whole person.
Core Value 5



Connection means everything
We, at the CNA, connect and embrace our diverse community in supporting those impacted by peripheral neuropathy including those living with a chronic disease and/or chronic pain. Our robust connections shape a community that thrives on meaningful engagement and relationships.


Our community includes anyone who cares and tries to understand neuropathy and its impact.


Engagement is key to success.


Relationships with our members are our most important relationships.

Our Goals

So, where are we going with all this? Our CNA mission, vision and values are important to us as an organization because they guide everything we do and how we do it. We’ve set all our goals with them in mind.

Our highest priority goals on the path to living our mission and achieving our vision are to:

Not to worry, our neuropathy self-management education and support programs are still a priority too. Meeting the above three goals are to help us expand those programs and to build new ones.

We hope you come along on this journey with us to: make the CNA a go-to resource for neuropathy sufferers; pull neuropathy out of the shadows of obscurity to make it known by everyone; and, ensure the CNA is around to help us all for decades to come.

Ways to Help

Want to join us in our fight? Click here for information on becoming a volunteer and current opportunities.