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Neuropathy and Foot Care Advice

Foot care is paramount for individuals with peripheral neuropathy due to decreased sensation and circulation in the feet. Nerve damage can result in reduced ability to feel pain or injuries, leading to unnoticed wounds or ulcers that can progress to serious infections or complications. Proper foot care, including daily inspection, moisturizing, wearing appropriate footwear, and regular visits to a podiatrist, helps prevent injuries, infections, and complications. By prioritizing foot health, individuals with peripheral neuropathy can maintain mobility, reduce the risk of foot-related complications, and enhance their overall quality of life.

The importance of taking care of your feet when you live with Peripheral Neuropathy is easy to ignore, but this would be a grave mistake. In her talk to the Calgary Neuropathy Association Chulani Aluthge Dona enforces just how important daily foot care is for all of us. In this video Chulani explains why foot care is important and answers questions.

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About Chulani:

Chulani has been practicing nursing for 12 years in Sri Lanka and a Board Certified Registered Nurse since graduating Bachelor’s program in 2000. She worked as a “Trauma Care Nurse” in an Emergency and Orthopedic Dept. Chulani received the Best Emergency Care Nurse Award for her exceptional patient care in 2011.

Currently she is practicing Advanced Foot Care for Diabetes patients at Mosaic Primary Care Network. Chulani expertise in lower leg assessment adheres to Diabetes Foot Care Pathway and advocates patients to enhance health and well-being with an emphasis its importance, prevention and/or diabetes disease progression.

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