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Neuropathy & Diet

Salt is a necessary part of how our nerves operate. Balancing sodium intake helps manage neuropathy symptoms.
To care for peripheral neuropathy, you must think of your health in the long term. One of the best ways to manage your health is
Regardless of its cause or symptoms, nerve damage can be a risk factor for chronic pain, fall injuries, and mobility challenges — all of which
Sugar Crush has been one of our favorite books about how food, specifically sugar, impact the nerves. Even if the root cause of your peripheral
Learn how to reduce sugar to lower inflammation and pain with Aimee Anderson.
Vitamin D helps on two fronts: improving neuropathy pain and bone integrity (reducing risk of fracture).
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), also known as Thioctic Acid, plays a crucial role in our body’s energy production by breaking down carbohydrates
Erik Colaiezzi, certified acupuncturist, discusses Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. In part 3 of 5 we will explore Herbology and Dietary Therapy
Lifestyle- Whether battling an illness or just trying to maintain our health, we should constantly be evaluating the things we do in our daily lives
Michal Ofer, a functional nutritionist and consultant, is dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of both groups and individuals.

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