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Neuropathy & Diet

Education and Support for those affected by Neuropathy

Our Foods Help or Hurt

There is more and more mounting evidence that a good diet helps with neuropathy symptoms and possibly can slow down progress. There are foods that help us, foods that hurt us, and foods that aren’t really even foods, but we eat them. Do you know the difference? Adopting a neuropathy friendly diet is second behind managing the root cause for self-managing your neuropathy symptoms.

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100+ Things for Neuropathy Relief

This is a lot to take in so start with our highly recommended ** options (the ones with two asterisks). These things in particular are the self-care tools to consider first. We believe in these tools based discussions with people we’ve spoken to who have had success using them; and, these are the tools we’ve found the most supporting research for. These lists will keep growing, so keep checking back.

Featured Resource

Our featured resource for Neuropathy and Diet isn’t one of our own. Sugar Crush, by Dr. RP Jacoby and Raquel Baldelomar explains how sugar causes nerve and other damage, a number of the conditions it causes or contributes to, and provides practical options symptom relief.

Learn more about this from our book review, including an excerpt.

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CNA Guest Speaker Videos

Michal is a functional nutritionist and consultant working with groups and individuals looking to improve their general well-being, with a special emphasis on naturally and holistically healing the metabolic, systemic and digestive damage associated with modern lifestyle and conventional dietary recommendation.

Michal Ofer – Functional Nutritionist

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