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New Frontiers in Treating Neuropathy

This was our first ever recorded presentation. The sound was only recorded and so it has been put together with a video of the slides provided. Please feel free to download and open the transcript included below.

This was the first CNA meeting attended by Linda, our president. She was so relieved to learn there were things she could do for herself she joined the CNA this day back in 2016.

New Frontiers for Neuropathy

Dr. James Haxton talks to our members in December 2016, in Calgary, about new findings in functional neurology, and how they can help neuropathy sufferers. He dives into anatomy & physiology, as well as the mechanics of some causes.

Watch the lecture below, or click here to watch it on YouTube.

YouTube video
Note: Closed Captioning is available for this video.

New Frontiers in Treating Neuropathy – Topic Timings:

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Image Source: Dr. James Haxton –
Heritage Point Wellness

About Dr. James Haxton: 

Dr. James Haxton graduated Cum Laude from Life West Chiropractic College and is a diplomate with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Using non-invasive procedures and dedicating over two thousand post-doctoral hours to the study of neurology, he has helped countless patients for a variety of neurological conditions.

Dr. Haxton is a multi-sport athlete who understands the value of how chiropractic can improve performance and quality of life. He is relentlessly committed to the individual patient and creating health plans that utilize the latest research and treatment methods.

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