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Our Programs

Education and Support For Those Affected By Neuropathy
Our flagship program...

Monthly Webinar Series

Hearing from medical professionals about peripheral nerve health, mental health, chronic pain and other topics related to peripheral neuropathy gives us food for thought.  We always ask our guest speakers to provide tips or other information our audiences can take away and try.

Webinars are held September to May on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at:  3:00 ET 2:00 CT, 1:00 MT, 12:00 PT


Check the CNA home page or sign up for our newsletter/meeting reminders to learn who is our next great speaker. 

 If you need help setting up your computer to use Zoom you can find help sheets here: https://calgaryneuropathy.com/zoom-help

Are you someone with valuable information to share?  Contact CNA about being a guest speaker. 

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Be heard...

CNA Connections
- Support Meetings -

Anyone with peripheral neuropathy or anyone who provides care or lives with someone suffering from peripheral neuropathy is welcome to attend. 

Our intention is to ensure people living with peripheral neuropathy and neuropathic pain have a safe place where they can talk and be heard.  Did you know having a safe place to talk boosts well-being?  Guests are also welcome to come and just listen.

CNA Connections Meetings are held September to May on the 1st Thursday of each month starting at:  2:00 ET 1:00 CT, 12:00 MT, 11:00 PT

Check the CNA home page for links to register.

 If you need help setting up your computer to use Zoom you can find help sheets here: https://calgaryneuropathy.com/zoom-help 

Let's Talk...

CNA information line

The CNA information line is often the first point of contact for people new to peripheral neuropathy. Callers speak with a volunteer with years of experience with neuropathy and a collection of information at their fingertips all in the hopes of answering your questions.

Most often these chats are for 30 – 60 minutes. We follow them up with an email containing resources and a summary of information discussed.

Leave us a message and we will contact you with a time to talk.  


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Want to hear from us?

Community Outreach

Members of the CNA Executive Board provide in person (local to Calgary) and on-line presentations on peripheral neuropathy, its impacts and the importance of self-care.

Does your group want to learn more about neuropathy?

Contact us

Compassionate Calling

The members of the CNA can expect to hear from a volunteer if we know they are having a hard time, if they make a request, or, just because we are thinking of them.  

Knowing someone out there cares enough to call gives a person a lift when they need it.

“Thank you for reaching out, for being there.”

Resources, Posts & Videos…

This CNA Website

We are very proud of the information and resources we provide on this website.  To date the CNA’s content has been 100% developed by volunteers and students.  

We have a wide range of contributors from medical professionals to retirees, and all posts and pages are edited to ensure credible sources are used. 

Please let us know if you have found our site helpful and learned something that has made a difference in your peripheral symptoms, mental health, or overall wellness.

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2023 Special Program…

Neuropathy Awareness

Have you ever had a friend look puzzled when you tell them you have neuropathy?  We know the feeling when someone looks at you like that.

For 2023 the CNA is focused on raising peripheral neuropathy awareness starting in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding area.  We are contacting medical offices, updating the CNA website and working to make the Calgary Neuropathy Association the top listing when people in our area Google “Neuropathy”.  

Support of Neuropathy Education is Appreciated

If you are able, please help our education resources and programs grow.

Every dollar makes a difference

The CNA exists solely because of donations and fundraising. If you are able, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.   Please use the e-transfer option or click the button above if you can support us in our education and support efforts. All contributions go towards online and in person meeting expenses, the CNA Website, educational material development and distribution.

Volunteers Needed

Want to join us in our fight? Click here for information on becoming a volunteer and current opportunities.

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