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Pain Management

Guest Speakers from Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine discuss the importance of functional nervous system analysis to create individualized approaches, as each person with peripheral neuropathy has
Dr. Geoff Frost, MD, Alberta Neurologic Centre, discusses Electromyography (EMG). A critical tool in the modern physician's tool belt, EMG tests/studies are used to diagnose

Traditional Chinese Medicine has some neuropathy Kung Fu moves Spice up your neural networks with Dr. Heather Fulker and Dr. Jenn Nelson, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. James Truong of the Alberta Health Institute shares with us the difference is between detox, cleansing and drainage and why is it so important
Claudine Adlington provides ideas and options around how to balance the reality of pain and what can be possible. Claudine will discuss what has been

Stimulation of our biggest nerves Neuropathic pain presents itself in a variety of ways making it hard to pinpoint  its  source. As our parasympathetic nervous

Dr. Plamondon discusses how physiatrists work together with other specialists like physiotherapists, neurologists, and occupational therapists; and, shares information on physiatry resources in Southern Alberta.

Massage Therapy & Neuropathy Massage therapy offers a multifaceted approach to alleviating nerve pain by addressing both physical and psychological aspects of discomfort. Through targeted

Jessica Villeneuve, RMT, CPMT discusses how massage therapy can benefits our mental health.
Pressure points—those subtle areas on our bodies where arteries lie close to the skin’s surface—play a crucial role in our overall well-being.

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