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Pain Management

Education and Support for those affected by Neuropathy

I’d rather have a vet for a doctor,
they know more about chronic pain

Donna Piercy, Chronic Pain Specialist, Chronic Pain Sufferer

Can I manage my neuropathy pain?

The question asked most often at the Calgary Neuropathy Association is what can I do to make my neuropathy pain better.  Pain management tools for neuropathy relief is hard to find and more than likely its not one thing that will provide relief, it will be a combination of things discovered over time.  The medical community offers no cure and often very little assistance out side of pain medications, but we at CNA believe each person can find their own way to relief by becoming their own experiment with a test subject of one!

TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Senior woman meditating

Why meditation?

Our featured resource for Pain Management is: Meditation for Skeptics. Why? Meditation, when practiced regularly has been said to provide as much as 30% pain relief *. That is as much relief as pharmaceutical pain medications are required to provide in order to be considered “successful”. Meditation is certainly not a quick fix, but it offers hope and help for many. As a side benefit, it also helps in other areas besides pain management, like mental health, clarity, brain fog, focus and emotional control. Check out Meditation for Skeptics if your looking for evidence meditation not just “woo, woo”.

Reference: * University of San Diego 

close up ankle of man have a symptom pain.
Featured Video…

CNA Guest Speaker Videos

A chronic pain sufferer herself, Donna Piercy provides helpful insights into the importance of self-management and ways exercise and other self care activities can help both the mind and body when dealing with chronic pain. There are three parts to this video set. Starting with Pain Management with Donna Piercy Part 1.. read more

Also see: Pain Management with Donna Piercy Part 2

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